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Woodsy Wedding Ideas


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From the event stylist, Jaime of Wild Heart EventsFor this shoot, we wanted to capture the feel of those last days of Winter, where the sun shines through the tops of the trees as snow and ice melts away, yet the air is still crisp and clean. Sweetheart Table, Mountain Wedding, Wild Heart Events

 We incorporated natural elements like fur, leather and pine to really get that outdoorsy vibe while setting the table with more modern place settings to give it some elegance and a more contemporary feel.

Teak & Resin Stool

We intermixed ghost chairs adorned with furs, with teak and lucite stools to achieve an icy look, complete with laser cut acrylic name place cards. Tenley lined the center of the table with pine trees of various heights that Linda shot just as the sun was shining through, bringing us back to a place deep in the mountains on those last days of winter. 

White Wedding, Rustic Wedding Ideas, Party Ideas, DIY Thanks to the team of Linda ChajaWild Heart Events, and Tenley Erin Young for pulling out all the stops on this one!

Shoot Location: Santa Barbara, CA / Photographer: Linda Chaja / Event Coordinator and Signs: Wild Heart Events / Floral Design: Tenley Erin Young / Venue: The Riveria Mansion / Wedding Dress: BHLDN / Jewelry: Beth Baumer of Stella & Dot / Hair and Makeup: Dreamcatcher Artistry / Rentals: Town & Country and Elan Event Rentals / Linens: La Tavola Linens / Snow Machine: Bella Vista / Acrylic Names: runningwithscissorss / Models: Olesya Thyne and Yves Bettinger


Nicole & Hiten


At face value, this wedding is wildly gorgeous. Bright colors and detailed traditions are literally dancing across the images by Lacie Hansen Photography. But once you dig a little deeper into this blend of cultures, it holds even more beauty. Beauty that is laced throughout the groom’s poetic description of a chance meeting that resulted in the ultimate happy day and in the true emotion behind all those pretty details crafted by Flower Wild planned by Jill LaFleur Weddings & Events and Makeup by Mar Romero of Team Hair and Makeup. Linens by La Tavola Linen, Cinematography by Lovespun Wedding Films, Invitations by Pitbulls and Posies. Also sure check out Style Me Pretty and the new issue of Magnolia Rouge.

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From the Groom…The yoga class we religiously attend describes itself to be a style of class that, “offers nothing…if we are lucky.” And this is exactly how we met, within a whole lot of nothing. I came to class early one Thursday evening and Nicole did too. There was only one mat in the back of the class when Nicole came in, mine. She quietly set her mat down beside me and our relationship began. I guess somewhere in the silence and breathe we found a connection to each other. Even before uttering a single word between us, we felt it immensely. We always reminisce about that time and about how glad we are that we met there, in that way. Yoga, for us, is a place where a person really gets to be who they are, without a façade, authentically themselves. You get to be someone who is working on strengthening not only the outside body but the inside as well, happy to live in the present. We both recall that particular yoga class being challenging but exceptionally robust and energizing. After class, as the crowd poured out of the studio, we both—uncharacteristically, sat and waited. I broke the silence by asking her how old she was when she realized that she lived a blessed life….I think we both immediately fell in love. We had our first date the next day on Friday February 5, 2010, said we Loved each other on Saturday, February 6 and on Sunday began to plan our marriage and our family. And that was it, no struggle, no fight, no second guessing. Just us.

Seeing your wife for the first time at your own wedding is a surreal moment. And I remember that moment clearly. I was sitting under the mandap with my parents and Nicole was to be walked by her parents under the branches or our tree and through the audience. As she appeared and came into my view it was just like really seeing something with naked eyes, something for the first time and it is etched into my memory.

The whole day, as the tumult was swirling around us, I had made a mental decision to stay present and be within all the big moments that make up our wedding. And this moment was the one I was practicing for all day…in fact, probably, all my life.

As she stepped into the light where I could see her, he eyes were shining, her red sari was blazing around her like fire, and as corny as it may sound, she was literally that vision you see from far away and squint your eyes hard to make sure it is really real.

As she started to walk towards me, a soft breeze began to blow, and as if on cue, the 300-year-old oak tree sent its leaves to bless her movements. They fell slowly in circles from the sky and faintly the smell of flowers and earth filled my lungs. The only time I even took my eyes off my wife was to look up at the sky, the clouds bright in the light blue sky, and a flash of the mountains that circled our ceremony. When they finally rejoined my wife’s she was happy and that memory was pressed into me forever.

My uncle told me once, that as you grow old, it isn’t the big houses or the fancy cars you drove in your youth that make you really happy. He said it’s the memories you made in your life in the crucial times that matter. The feelings the strong ones bring you are worth all the struggles and hardships you went through to get them. With this memory, I agree.

We had a beautiful traditional Brahmin Hindu ceremony to celebrate our union, and wanted to carry the Indian influences on throughout the cocktail & reception with the decor as well as the food. We are both pretty laid back in our lifestyle as well as our personal style, so we wanted to wedding to reflect that, inviting and comfortable for our guests, with unique Indian inspired details throughout the event. For our colors, we choose a lot of gold and saffron tones with pops of indigo. Our wedding fell on a beautiful, warm full moon night and our memories of dancing under the full moon with all of our closet friends will remain some of the best memories of our lives together.



Bohemia Africana


If the love of beautiful weddings runs through your veins even long after (or before) you are married – then you know Jose Villa plus Joy de Vivre equals perfection. Pure, can’t be matched perfection. It never ever fails, when they join forces inspiration turns into something even prettier than you could possible imagine, and that is precisely what happened with this shoot they teamed up for (which is now gracing the pretty pages of Flutter Magazine). It’s nothing short of magical – with breathtaking details shot in a way you can’t put words too – and it’s all waiting for you right here in Style Me Pretty.

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Rustic Acacia Benches are a beautiful contrast to any white sand ceremony.

Rustic Fall Wedding


Too many beautiful things competing for our love in this feature also found in 100 Layer Cake. Out in the middle of a park in Montecito, we managed to create a sweet and simple setting any rustic bride would love to jump into. Take a peek!

Design by Twine Events, Photography by fabulous Kurt Boomer, Florals by Oak & The Owl,  gown by Lovely Bride, Makeup by TEAM Hair and Makeup, and Invitation Design by Duk Design

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Acacia Dining Table, Bench, & Equipales Seats with Teak Chargers & Wood Floral Goblets

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Torito Inspiration Shoot


A few fresh ideas from our latest inspiration shoot in Santa Barbara

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Palm Springs Desert Shoot


Palm Springs Desert Shoot

Amazing photos from our 70’s Inspired desert photo shoot in Palm Springs, Ca…… and our very first publication. Special thanks to Jose Villa (Photography), Creative director Mar R of Team Hair & Makeup, Flower Wild Designs, Found Vintage Rentals, and Oasis World Estates by Kathy Ireland

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Unique Rental for special event

Mexico Wedding

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Welcome to Elan Event Rentals. This is our very first post and we are so excited to bring our never before seen unique and one of a kind rustic, vintage, and specialty rentals to Southern California. Below are a few of our amazing pieces immediately available for your special event. We have a  rapidly growing inventory of amazing furnishings and accessories. Stay tuned for incredible things to come…..